IUT BSD Users Group


IUT (Isfahan University Of Technology) BSD Users Group is a group of people who are enthusiastic about using All BSD UNIX derivatives and are willing to share their knowledge to help the others.

Upcoming Events

Subject Presenters When Where
First Meeting Safa Rad - -
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Regular Meetings

Anybody who's interested in BSD and/or the open-source software community is invited. No previous IT knowledge or experience is required, but is certainly welcome.


We Always meet each other every Thursday of the month at 17 p.m in the IT Department

caution: Due to COVID-19 situation all of our meetings are canceled but you could still use our friendly Telegram Group


If you have any idea to improve our mission or you'd like to participate in any form of presentation or want to run a workshop or even hold a meeting, please contact us through these ways:

Core Members

Special Members

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